Welcome to Obsidian Knights. Set in an alternate history Mexico where magic permeates through the world, Columbus got eaten by a Kraken and dead people don't necessarily stay in the ground.

Players will play a group of adventurers who band together in the great city of Tenochtitlan in search of a cure for a plague sweeping through the lands. But that will not be the only hazard that they will come across. Bandits and mercenaries, strange beasts, and undead constructs will all stand in your way.

But the spirits of the dead do not fall away so quickly in this world. And the earth has not forgotten what has been done.

Campaign Notes

Being set in our world, this is a human-only campaign. Everyone is also stated as being of Aztec, Mayan, or Southwestern US Indian background. The conquistadors never managed to make landfall, so don't expect them to rear their heads in the story. Most classes are avaliable, with the exception of monk

A lot of magic spells still apply but there are several notable omissions: No spells that revolve around creating extra dimensional spaces or manipulating the Time-Space Continuum. 

General Campaign Notes
A Brief History of the Empire

Obsidian Knights